How to Reveal a Cheater while Dating in a Cam Chat?

It is not easy to understand when your interlocutor lies. But due to a web camera that allows interlocutors to see each other, some users can try to interpret signs of body language. The science of non-verbal communication is not an easy one. Not everyone manages to master it and interpret body gestures correctly. However, this is one of the possible techniques of how you can determine that your interlocutor in a random video chat lies.

Our body tells a lot about us and our personalities. Thus, many people advise paying particular attention to non-verbal signs rather than words while communicating in cam chats. Thus, let’s consider some of them:

  1. An interlocutor tends to touch his face (especially eyes and areas around them, mouth, lips, nose). He/she uses every opportunity to touch the face.
  2. His/her eyes can either quickly move or stare at you. Thus, in the first case, an interlocutor tries to avoid your eyes. In the second case, on the contrary, he/she tries to see how you react to his/her lie.
  3. Tightened lips mean that your interlocutor tries to hide something from you.
  4. Active gesticulation when it is inappropriate.
  5. His/her movements and poses are restrained and remind of a robot.
  6. Voice and pace of speech also do matter. A sudden change of pace is not a good sign. When a person lies, the intonation of his/her voice changes. He/she may begin to speak faster or slower, in higher or lower tones. Voice trembling, change of timbre, hoarseness or high notes, as well as stuttering, may become signs of deception.
  7. Usually, liars repeat words, questions or sentences, which were addressed to him/her. This way, a deceiver tries to gain some time to think about an answer.
  8. They can pay particular attention to unnecessary details during a conversation while skipping important points.
  9. Men can pull off the collar of their shirts. Usually, deceivers feel excited while telling lies; as a result, perspiration increases and they fell hot. So, subconsciously they want to pull off the collar that hinders free movements of the neck.
  10. Pay attention whether words and gestures coincide. For example, when he/she says “no” and nods at the same time.

To conclude, it is important to note that not always these gestures can be interpreted like that. All body signs should be considered in combination. Sometimes, people have physical need to touch his/her eyebrow or rub his/her nose. Thus, it is important to learn how to distinguish between these two sides of one coin.