OneNightFriend Review: Your date for a couple of days

OneNightFriend is a dating platform for those individuals who don’t afraid of experiments or just got bored with a routine and loneliness. This high-quality website has various features to help people reach their purposes. People become members of this site to find some casual dates and have fun. No relationships, no long conversations, and no mismatching. Look for a partner nearby and get what you want with the help of this service. Be even more flexible with the mobile app. Thousands of like-minded people are open to contact. Moreover, they will contact you too! Thus, get prepared for an exciting journey through the world of dating.

How the site was created

Onenightfriend has been operating since 2014, which makes it 7 years old. It is another platform developed by the founders of Together Networks Limited. The company has established a good name on the internet with the help of other social and entertainment platforms, such as Flirt, Loveaholics, UpForIt, and so on. Thus, the reputation of the site seems to be pretty ok.

The majority of accounts ever made are male accounts. Men are looking for casual encounters or even something more serious. But relationships are far away from being on the top of search requests, as it says. The total number of male accounts exceeds the number of female ones in 3 times. So that women here get all the attention in the world.

Regarding the location of users, the most of signed in people are from the USA while the rest of them are from other English-speaking countries. There is no certain age group for the community, but almost a quarter of members are in the 25-34 age range.  

Even though the community of Onenightfriend consists of a few million users, daily activity is not that big. It’s not like the website is trying to trick you or something; it’s just about the concept of this platform. People do not need to log in every day and talk to potential partners because their purposes do not require regular communication.

What comes to the design, it’s one of the advantages of the site. Everything looks modern and fresh. The main colors are black and yellow, and they make an impression of a confident but friendly site. The way how the service looks has a significant influence on every new customer. Furthermore, it’s essential even for already-registered users. Using Onenightfriend is a calming and pleasant process.