4 Worst Ideas for the First Offline Date

If you used to meet interlocutors in random chats for dating, one day you may face a user who will change your life forever and win your heart. Yes, it’s quite possible to find a beloved in online video chats for dating. Although many people are skeptical towards love on the Internet, dozens of users make new acquaintances, meet in real life and built happy and strong relationships.

When you feel that you’re ready to meet your online interlocutor in real life, it’s time to think about the first offline date. It is important to choose the right place to create a good impression. Remember that the first date means a lot. If you manage to surprise your sweetheart, you’ll win her heart. Thus, try to think about the date and find the best destination. Here, we want to talk about the worst ideas for the first date.

  • Cinema

Yes, it is a cinema! Why? The purpose of the first date is to get to know each other better, talk, communicate and see your interlocutor’s reaction to your statements. If you go to a cinema, you won’t be able to talk and enjoy each other’s company. This option is perfect for second or third dates when you know each other’s preferences.

  • Concerts, theatres, clubs

These and other crowed places are not the best options. Loud music and lots of people around you won’t give you an opportunity to talk or just to spend time together. Moreover, you can get lost or meet your acquaintances.

  • Crowded parks and streets

Generally, strolling along the streets is a good idea. But only in that case when you do not choose overcrowded and noisy streets. Thus, you’ll be able to talk in a low calm voice, discuss the disturbing questions, go to a café and drink a cup of coffee. In this case, remember that it is better to choose places where there are no many people.

  • Fast-food restaurants or expensive 5-star restaurants

If your beloved is fond of healthy food, no need to go to a fast-food cafe. You should know what she likes in advance in order not to spoil her impression. What concerns expensive restaurants, no need to demonstrate your money. It’s a bad tone. Just behave naturally and ask her whether she wants to grab a bite. If yes, choose your favorite public catering.

The last thing to remember is that it is important to keep in mind her preferences and tastes when choosing a place for the first date. It is also possible to discuss this point with your interlocutor in a cam chat and choose a venue together.