TOP-5 Best Apps for finding Native Speakers for Language Learning

We made a list of the most popular applications that will help find an interesting interlocutor who will help improve your level of foreign language proficiency. You’ll be able to learn foreign languages while chatting in random video chats and spending time with pleasure.

  • Tandem

This is an application, in which more than five million users have already registered. The platform is stylish, modern, and doesn’t resemble any of the previous services. It looks more like a dating site with beautiful photos and profiles, but in fact, the main objective of the website is language learning.

In Tandem, you can find both standard conversations with interlocutors via cam chats or courses with more advanced tutors in terms of teaching English. It is easy to find an appropriate tutor: there is information on interests, goals, reviews. The service provides not only communication in the form of correspondence but also audio and video calls. For convenience, an interpreter and auto-corrector are built into the interface.

  • Helloalk

It is another interesting application, the developers of which took care of a simplified web version. Here, you can also share photos and voice messages, fill out a questionnaire and search for users by specific criteria. Correction of your text messages is built into the program; thus, it will help you understand in which specific cases you make mistakes.

A free version of the application allows you to learn one (the most priority) language, and a VIP subscription – up to three. And if you are still embarrassed to chat with real people or doubt your knowledge, then Amy bot will communicate with you using simple and understandable questions.

  • Hiative

The service is very different from the rest: here, you will not find chats, calls, and forums because communication is built on a question-answer method. You can ask a native speaker about the language being studied and get a detailed answer, as well as get feedback about your pronunciation, grammar, and more. Using the application, you can find out how a word is translated, which phrase is more appropriate for a certain speech context, what is the difference between certain words or phrases.

  • Lang-8

This site unites users from 190 countries into a single social network. Its principle is simple, but at the same time, original: a user publishes posts and phrases in the studied language, and native speakers check texts and correct grammar, spelling, and speech mistakes. You can add friends and use Lang-8 even for free: but in this case, the publication limit is 500 pieces. The paid version does not limit you to the amount of content created.

  • English, Baby!

It is a social network that involves users who chat with each other in English, as well as pass daily lessons on a variety of topics. The site is interesting as it allows users to choose either a British or American version. English, Baby! allows you to improve the grammar and sometimes even prepare for exams. For teachers, it is an opportunity to share their experiences.