The main mistakes of online dating

Today the Internet is the best place for quick dating, for making appointments and meetings, for finding the closest person to your life.  

In the Internet we are incognito, protected, remote by our personal space, whose name is our computer, gadget or phone. 

Despite the feeling of safety when communicating on the Internet, we must remember that some rules of decency exist everywhere and always, no one canceled them.

Would you like to get acquainted? Firstly, decide why you want to meet and who you want to meet. 

Those who usually complain about low online dating efficiency often make irreparable mistakes. And they are guilty of their own discontent, dating resources have nothing to do with it.  

What mistakes in the network should be prevented?   

The purpose of dating 

When you register on a particular site, it is worth taking a close look at it. Will it be suitable for the realization of the goal that you have set for yourself?

Choose a site for dating, which meets your needs and expectations and behave within the framework of the objectives. 

If you are looking for a fiancé, lover, husband, it makes sense to choose resources that specialize in serious relationships, not for easy and fast messaging and nothing insignificant short flirting.


Start with a profile that should match the purpose of your acquaintance.

A woman who is looking for a serious relationship should not allow herself the banal and stupid quotes, as well as candid shots in a bikini, even if her figure looks great.

Make your companion feel your sexuality in another way: indicate your wide range of horizons, extensive knowledge, immense intelligence, outstanding thinking and interests.

“Hook” a man more seriously than banal erotic photos. 

Needless to show off his figure and other delights, you risk being a “sought-after product” that interests a man no more than a few times while you are new to him. 

Women should stop exploiting only their bodies if they want men to be able to see their future wives and mothers in them. If your goal is just to have fun, whatever you want.

Write less in the questionnaires hints and revelations about your past personal life and strict preferences in partners, it may just push away quite decent, interesting candidates.

If your interlocutor insists on candid photos and conversations about sex, and you are waiting for the man of your dreams, maybe it is better to stop such communication in general and look for a decent man?