Topics You Can Discuss With A Guy In Chatroulette

An increasing number of guys and girls start getting acquainted with one another online. They can correspond with each other for days, make video chat calls in order to get to know their companion better and decide whether they’d like to meet this person in real life. Such kind of communication gains popularity with each passing day, attracting people with its convenience and vast opportunities.

Choosing The Right Topic

So how can you make a good impression on your companion and make a conversation lead to something more?

  1. First of all, you need to ask your companion something about himself. Where is this guy from? How old is he? You can also just ask how he’s doing; this question will help you start an easy conversation going and show a guy you are interested in him.
  2. You can also find out more about his interests and preferences. Whether he likes sports, pets or art house movies? Try to find out more about a guy you’re video chatting with in order to find a common ground with him.
  3. Hobbies. Take interest in your companion’s hobbies and aspirations: maybe he plays basketball or tennis, is a member of a music band, likes cooking, dancing, or prefers allotting his time to volunteering. Don’t forget to also tell something about yourself and your preferences.
  4. Job and studies. Ask a guy you’re talking to where he works or studies and whether he likes something he’s engaged in. Ask him questions which require detailed answers in order your conversation to be more interesting and lasting.
  5. Music. Find out more about his musical preferences. What is his favorite band/musician? Has he ever been to any concert? What is his most favorite album?
  6. You can also discuss lots of diverse topics, such as news, personal life, politics, series, family, plans for the future, etc. The main thing you need to remember is you should also tell your opinion on one or another topic, not just ask him some questions.

In fact, it is really simple to make a good first impression on your companion; you just have to be yourself and discuss interesting topics which won’t make your companion feel out of place.

First Conversation With A Guy

Online communication also has its dos and don’ts. There are certain rules you need to follow in order not to offend your companion and make your conversation lasting:

  • try to answer the questions right away, don’t make long pauses as well as don’t ignore his questions;
  • avoid using buzzwords and slang;
  • try to give clear answers to your companion’s questions, avoid using weasel words;
  • be positive and make jokes;
  • don’t be rude or aggressive to a guy you’re video chatting with.

All the above mentioned rules will help you make a good impression on a guy you really like, however it’s not necessary to follow them if you are indifferent to your companion or don’t feel comfortable around him. In such case, it’s suggested to skip a guy you are talking to and search for someone you will be interested in.