How to create a successful profile on dating websites

On a dating site meet by clothes. The questionnaire is a business card and a guarantee of successful acquaintance. That’s why you should spend your time and fill in the profile correctly.

1. Competently choose a photo

The photo shows the purpose of the acquaintance. If the goal is a serious relationship, you should not display half-naked photos. You want to flirt? Then a swimsuit photo will do.

Make sure you add high quality photos. Blurred images with a bad face will not be tested by moderators and will push away potential partners.

Smile. Let the expression on your face be friendly, open. Everybody likes positive people, nobody likes dull people.

Try to add the most natural, fresh images. You shouldn’t put up photos from 10 years ago.

2. Tell about yourself

Many miss this point. A user interested in getting to know you will first look at your profile. After that, they will decide whether to write or pass by.

Avoid trite phrases. Try to surprise them. Tell us about your hobby: I like karting, baking cakes, I’m fond of ballroom dancing, spend weekends in the mountains. Write in short, but interesting.

The more information about yourself, the easier it will be for the interlocutor to start a conversation.

Empty questionnaires cause less trust among users.

3. Don’t lie about height, weight and hobbies

Write the truth about your appearance. Do not decrease your weight, do not exaggerate your height, do not lie about a hobby if they are not. When it comes to a meeting in real life, the deception will be revealed, the meeting will be spoiled and negative emotions are unlikely to be avoided. Therefore, honesty is the key to a successful acquaintance.

4. Work and education

It is not necessary to write about work and education. If you think that you will attract attention of unwanted users, leave this item blank. Discuss the work in person and get to know each other more closely.

5. Interests and hobbies

Write about everything you’re passionate about. The more hobbies you have, the easier it is to start a conversation. Many websites and dating applications automatically select the right partners based on your hobby. Do not miss this point. 

6. Answer quizes

Some dating sites have various surveys and tests. You shouldn’t ignore them. Responses to surveys are recorded in your profile, providing more information about your views on life, your daily routine, your attitude towards different things.