Waiting for the prince: why do we avoid a real relationship

The problem of loneliness in psychology has been addressed repeatedly. And every time it seems that simple advice and recommendations “do not work”. So why does it happen?

We make lists of priority male qualities, correct the wrong, each time reluctantly reducing their female needs. And we get, unfortunately, a worsening personal situation. Disappointed and desperate, we generally abandon everything, and personal life becomes something distant, unattainable and absolutely unreal.

Everything could have remained that way if some of us had not realized the important reason for what is happening. We unconsciously create everything that we are in. We run our own internal program of loneliness. And it is not always negative for us. Here is the rating of the main internal reasons for this lack of privacy.

1. You don’t want to change anything in your life

“Let the perfect partner come and do what I want!” – you think. And at the same time, really good men don’t understand why they only have to adjust and climb under the heel. After all, many women themselves, sooner or later, give up relationships with obedient men, losing respect and interest. True harmony in partnership.

2. Experience of previous negative relationships

Traumatic experiences lead to the certainty that men are a source of negativity and pain. And as a result, we begin to avoid relationships. Some people ignore positive men, focusing exclusively on inappropriate options. Some, on the contrary, take what is “bad lying down”, just to unconsciously convince themselves once again that nothing good can or cannot happen in a relationship.

3. You are comfortable and pleasant in your free status

You do what you want, when you want, and you don’t report to anyone. Everything would be fine if it weren’t for the pressure society and the eternal stupid and incorrect question: “Are you still single?”, which hangs some strange and implausible labels.

If at any point you recognize yourself or you have your own exclusive reasons for loneliness – all this suggests that you are exactly where your unconscious mind wants to be.

It is easy enough to help yourself if you have a high level of inner motivation with such methods.

Determine what you want from the relationship (and do you want it at all?), what is your goal. What is your request.

Start creating daily visuals of this desired future, with all the visual images, sensations, and even sound, if necessary.