How to know if a man really likes you?

Are you wondering if a man is in love with you? Do you try to interpret his lines and behavior when he communicates with you, but still doubt his feelings?

Body language, facial expressions and verbal expressions that a man uses can tell a lot about how he really treats you. However, you need to be able to interpret them correctly, because our personal desires and dreams can prevent us from knowing if a man is really in love or if his feelings are just the fruit of our fantasies. That is, we can overestimate or underestimate someone’s true interest in us, based on our own needs.

The good news is that instead of acting like a detective, trying to bind together scattered signals, you can use this sign to clarify whether a man likes you or not. It can become a real reason to think that someone will become your true partner.

The expression on his face

If you want to know if he is really in love, pay close attention to the look on his face during your communication. In particular, pupil dilation can be a sign of interest and excitement. This is also confirmed by numerous studies – when pleasure centers are activated in our brain, dopamine is released into the blood, causing pupils to dilate. This is how our bodies react to emotional excitement – for example, when we look at something that attracts us. However, similar signs are observed in a number of other cases: for example, if you are in a dark room, the pupils increase in size so that more rays fall on the retina, or if the person feels severe physical pain or is under the influence of drugs. By eliminating these reasons, you can make sure that your man’s pupil responses are indeed a sign of his keen interest in you.

By the way, if you find a man so attractive that your own pupils increase in size – don’t doubt, he will appreciate it (only subconsciously). In the second half of the XX century, an experiment was conducted in which two photographs of the same woman showed different men. On one of them her pupils were of ordinary size, on the other – enlarged. As a result, the subjects liked the second photo much more. They described the woman with the dilated pupils as “soft”, “more feminine” and “attractive”, while the present photograph received less flattering comments. Interestingly, all men later admitted that they did not notice any difference in pupil size. Nevertheless, the results of the experiment undoubtedly pleased all women in love.