Development of the relationship between a man and a woman: psychology

The problem of the relationship between a man and a woman is eternal. In almost 80% of cases, couples come to psychologists who do not find mutual understanding. In this article we will talk about building a harmonious relationship between a man and a woman in terms of psychology.  

Initially, we learn the rules of building a family by adopting the experience of close people. Usually these are our parents, who can not always set the right benchmark and vector of relations. 

Development of relations between a man and a woman, psychology:

  • It is very likely to conclude that if the girl’s father was an alcoholic, then most likely the partner will not be indifferent to alcohol. This is due to the fact that in fact, the girl has not seen any other relationship and does not know any other men. 
  • In her understanding, almost all of the stronger sex are alcoholics and are not indifferent to alcohol. Even if a man is not like that and is absolutely indifferent to alcohol, a girl still perceives him as a potential alcoholic.

According to Eastern psychology, a woman gives and a man accepts. Only in this way normal relations are possible. Most women may not arrange this interpretation, because they want to get something in return, and are afraid to say goodbye to their energy. 

A healthy relationship between a man and a woman, the psychology of the East:

  • A woman at birth is full of sexual energy that she can give to her family, husband and children. A man, on the contrary, is born empty and needs to be filled with a woman. 
  • For this to happen, it is necessary for one side to give, and free of charge.
  • In this case, even a good family man can look for comfort on the side. Therefore, according to oriental esotericists, it is necessary for a woman to provide home comfort, take care of the man, saturating him with energy. 

That destroys the relationship:

  • The total family budget. As the experience of many families shows, a family may not have a common budget at all. Each family member should have its own finances in order to buy gifts, to allow itself to buy some new items, even if they are not very expensive. It is best to build a family budget with shares and contributions.
  • Lack of self-development. People stop being interesting to each other if they are not interested in themselves. A person may be interested in the opposite sex only if they are constantly developing.

These are only the main things about the way psychologists describe relationships.