How do you know that this is your man

To understand that this is your man can be difficult. Sometimes you have to make unthinkable efforts to decide and draw conclusions. Most women see their husband as their future husband. They do not want to just meet without prospects, without understanding what to expect in the future. And this position is justified and understandable. It is necessary to understand that the process can take a long time.

A wise woman never draws spontaneous conclusions, preferring to gradually understand the situation and make responsible decisions. You can see your destiny by following some hints. It is necessary to be attentive, to follow the voice of the heart.

Passion in a relationship

It is believed that the real feeling will definitely make itself felt by the gravitation. In most cases, this is the case. People are drawn to each other, they understand that they want to build a common future. Passion is an indicator that the two individuals are interesting to each other, they are not bored. A man seems to be as wonderful as you can imagine. Sexual desire indicates that a person finds the other attractive, irresistible and truly amazing.


The psychology of people is such that they are looking for partners who are similar to themselves. It is pleasant to communicate and share emotions with individuals who have similar interests. This is how the feeling of safety of the surrounding world is formed. If a person can be trusted, he becomes a close and pleasant person. Trust is the basis of interpersonal communication, without this component, there will be nothing. Mutual feelings.

The obligatory condition is two-way love. The opportunity to give someone the warmth of heart and affection is expensive. After all, if love is unrequited, it does not bring any joy. Sooner or later you will have to part with a person and with your own illusions. It is painful and difficult, comparable only with physical pain.

Mutual feelings are a significant indicator in favor of the fact that the relationship is genuine, meaningful and can lead to a long and happy union.

The ability to look at life in one direction greatly simplifies daily planning. It becomes easier to dream, make plans, enjoy everything that happens. Achievements are made visible, expressed and purposeful. For example, if for both partners the birth of a child becomes an important and planned event, then spouses will equally experience joy and happiness when it happens.