OneStep review: Dating in one step

Do you think it’s impossible to find someone who will love you? Then you’re partly right because nowadays people prefer interacting via the Internet instead of talking to their friends and relatives in real life. However, today, you can quickly solve this complicated problem by singing online applications. OneStep is one of the most useful mobile services for users ready to date.

What special features does the OneStep app have?

With this high-quality program, you access lots of features, including the following:

  • Make your profile more attractive by recording an original voice greeting.
  • Listen to users’ voice greetings in streaming format until you hear the one you like. Now you know not only what a person looks like, but also how he sounds.
  • Browse the Stories, there are many interesting things: announcements of upcoming offline events, tips on how and where to spend your date, and other entertainment content. Also take advantage of special offers from our partners.
  • Meet the people you see next to you in a radius of 100 meters: outside, in the park, in a bar, anywhere. The app will help you by organizing offline events in your city. Follow the announcements in the app’s Stories.
  • An icon on the photo means that the user’s photo has been verified. 

If there are no users nearby, there is no reason to get upset: you will receive a push notification when a person within a radius of 100 meters, corresponding to the specified parameters, send a welcome smiley with one touch and start communicating.

Find people also in the usual way on the screen. Users, setting the parameters of distance, gender, age. Meet users from other cities, changing their location in your Profile.

The application is free, and the advanced features of Premium cost less than $10 per year. So, you can select this option if you want to use OneStep for a longer time.

The modern person spends too much time in the digital world. Remember the times when people were not yet glued to their phones and the phones had their own fixed place? We would like to bring people back to the real world. We are still surrounded by interesting people, you just need to get away from your phone and look around. OneStep application allows you to detect users within a hundred meters (not 1-2 kilometers, as in other services). This feature of the app means that users are can quickly meet each other on the same date.