My Love Story That Began in a Random Cam Chat

I’m a sociable person and do not mind to spend a couple of hours in a random video chat before going to bed. No, I do not spend all the evenings there. I prefer having a rest with my friends. But sometimes I visit cam chats.

I used to communicate with different interlocutors. It doesn’t matter whether to chat with guys or girls. I do not speak foreign languages so I always filter my interlocutors according to their geolocation.

It was one of my evenings spent in a video chat room. I was looking for a new acquaintance. A pretty girl was randomly chosen as my interlocutor. She was so beautiful that I was utterly speechless. Yes, I always have something to say but in that case, it seemed that I forgot all words for a few seconds.

When I finally came to conciseness (just a few seconds passed), I said some standard phrases like “Hi, I’m pleased to meet you. Let’s chat!”. She laughed and introduced herself. I continued our dialogue but in my head, there was one thought: “Is she really talking to me and she didn’t disconnect”. I swear I wasn’t looking for online dating but my soulmate found me herself. I couldn’t believe that such a pretty girl will communicate with me.

After some minutes of communication, I realized that she was an ordinary girl. Despite her gorgeous appearance, she behaved naturally and without arrogance. I saw that she was sociable and friendly. Our online dating in a cam chat continued.

It was the time I started to thaw. Although I was a sociable person too, her beauty paralyzed me and I behaved like a schoolboy.

During our communication, it appeared that we live in neighboring cities. I said as a joke: “Then I visit you next week.” And she answered: “OK!”. It was quite a surprise for me as I couldn’t believe that my interlocutor is ready to meet in real life.

But our chat in a cam chat approached its end. We shared contacts. I called her the next day. It was a pleasant talk. We told jokes and laughed. Our planned date was destined to come true. The next week I bought some sweets and flowers and took a ticket to her town.

I was nervous but our date was perfect for me. Since that time, we called each other, visited each other. Now, it is a year and a half since we’re together, I proposed her and she answered “Yes”. Now, we’re going to become a family.

I found my beloved suddenly in a random video chat. I wasn’t even looking for her. So, what I want to say is that life is a great surprise. It is fate that you can’t control. So, succumb to the flow of life and enjoy every moment of it.