How to Choose the Right Lighting when Communicating on Cam Chats?

Many women who are just starting a career on the Internet make mistakes that prevent them from succeeding. So, webcam models often make the wrong choice of lighting for chatting on random online chats. And it is this aspect on which the result of work and user activity largely depend. In order to avoid mistakes and win the users’ attention, you will have to remember a few simple rules.

Surely all the girls who decided to try their hand as a webcam model know that they have to look stunning and tidy up the room in which they work. But another important condition for successful communication on an online video chat is proper lighting, in which a girl will look attractive. Inexperienced webcam models often create problems for themselves by deliberately dimming the lights and lighting candles. But it is necessary to understand that what seems romantic in real life can completely ruin communication on a cam chat. In no case, you should allow your face to look dark and fuzzy on the other side of the screen. Therefore, you must pay particular attention to the lighting:

  • Daylight alone is not enough for a beautiful display of your face, so make sure that you gave good lamps.
  • Do not put lamps so that your interlocutor can see them through the webcam – this will distract your client and ruin all the pleasure of dating a pretty girl on a cam chat.
  • Use several light sources at once. This will help you look great from any angle. In general, the brighter the room is, the better it is. But do not turn on the bright lamps on the background; otherwise, you will be seen even worse than in a dark room.


Some mistakes made in reality can leave a webcam model without clients and, therefore, earnings:

  • The use of monitor light as the main light source. The result is a low-quality dark picture that is suitable for communication with friends but not with clients – a user simply will not be able to see you and, as a result, will find another model.
  • The installation of a lamp on one side of the monitor. It is another mistake, as a result of which an unsuccessful play of shadows is created. Thus, you will emphasize all the imperfections of the face and change its proportions.
  • The use of white lamps. In this case, you will show your face and body from the most disadvantageous side. You face will have a painful look that is unlikely to interest a man. To avoid such troubles, choose a yellow lamp.

Keep in mind these tips when staring dating in random cam chats and find interesting interlocutors.